Baselworld 2014

As usual we start at 04:00 in the morning with a 1601km ride for 17 hours and 18 minutes.

Then at 20:33, 16 ½ hours later we arrived to the hotel.

There is a road trip video at the end of this page.

So when they open the fair at friday we was in place after a few beers and a good sleep.

I guess we have try to find the Rolex booth.

This year Rolex have give the Cellini line some new models with a inhouse automatic movement that looks really good IMHO.

Then they bring back the "old" Sea Dweller, I guess the Deep Sea was not the success they believe it should be.

New case, matte maxi dial/hands looks really good and I hope the bracelet was not the finish product with those bad fitting endlinks.

And finally the red/blue "Pepsi" ceramic bezel insert. Now all the guys that have whining for this combo just got a slap in the face when Rolex tell them:

Here you have the Pepsi insert you say we can't made and if you want it you have to pay up for the white gold model. :-))))

So we just gor another unique white gold model like the all blue WG Submariner.

The Blue Milgauss with green crystal looks not good at the fist sight but I guess it start growing on me.

The Pt Daytona with a all blue dial look at lot better than the last one IMHO.

The Sky Dweller looks better with the red month indicator and I start like the model slowly too.

The white gold model is awesome with the bracelet.

The grey dial is a killer but it should have romans IMHO.

I really like the Tudor line but the blue Black Bay didn't smile at me, maybe it does next year. I don't know.

Unfortunately the Ranger didn't smile at me etiher, maybe if it says Ranger with red but not like this.

Next stop was at Glashütte booth.

The Glashütte Original CEO Yann Gamard gave us a history lesson about Glashütte Original and told us a little about how they intend to work in the future.

Then we have to see the news from Glashütte Original this year. It was not as it use to be, this time they shows 3 new inhouse movements.

Unfortunatel the light was very bad so it was very hard to get som good pics but here is what I got.

The new PanoMaticInverse

The Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date

The Senator Chronograph Panorama Date

And some art.

And some diamonds.

I have to go down and see if I can get some better pics.

The last years favorite.

Outside the weather was perfect.

It looks like Tony have start the mirror app. :-)))))

Lets get inside again.

Patek shows a few new models.

Omega have made the old Seamaster again and it looks really nice.

Another interestin german bran is Lehmann with their hidden crown and unique styled case.


We run into the Irish watcjmaker John McGonigle and got the chance to look close at his awesome watches.

Here is another watchmaker the made art, Kari Voutilainen

And I finish with a few more not regular watches.


And for the first time I have try to made a video, maybe not my best work so you have to take it for what it is.