Baselworld 2012


We start as we use to do at 04:00 at 5 degree centigrade.

Just a little snow at the sides.

It's gets worse.

Damn, this will be a slow trip.

Now it gets better.

At the ferry to Germany at 10:10. :-))))

Now we talking, I have to set the cruise control to 170 km/h. :-)))

That was close.

You can get everything at a gas station in Germany. :-)))

I still don't know if he get one but he looks happy. :-))))

Finally we arrived to the hotel and get a classic schnitzel before we fell in sleep.

Here is the sign we are looking for.

So now we are here.

This years car was Maserati.

There was a few of them.

Lets get inside.

So we start at:

This years big news was the Rolex Sky-Dweller.

A impressive watch in gold with the new movement Cal 9001. The new annual calendar movement

contains over 500 parts and 14 Rolex patents where 5 of them is new ones for this watch. It's a annual

calendar watch that you set very easy in 30 seconds. The bezel is a command ring where you have 4

positions where you set the time, second timezone, date & month with the crown. It's only made in gold

because with this complicated movement will it be to expansive in a SS watch.

Maybe Rolex change this in a few years when they still sit at the displays. :-)))))

Not my bag but the movement blows me away.

A updated Yachtmaster with a new brecelet with shorter endlinks and the new clasp.

A blue dial to the SS version was new too.

But still not a red datewheel. :-)))

The most shocking news was the updated Submariner no date. :-)))

And some bling, bling.

The Tudor watches rocks this year with the vintage look models where they have put all the things that the hardcore collectors is looking for.

Gilt letters, faded bezels and strap with patina.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay.

The Tudor Pelagos.

Quick adjustment of the clasp.

So it looks like the Rolex designers have work at Tudor the last year, please Rolex bring them back.


So we went up to the AHCI booth and the first ones we run into was Mr Barcelona, the father and son with the lastname Pita.

The Pita Oceania 2000 is a very interesting watch.

A nice Sarpaneva.

Then we visiting the "independent tent" to look at some interesting pieces.

Those speaks for themself. :-)))

A new interesting Germans brand, Lehmann. Unique case and inhouse movements.

Two different date models and chronometers.

And a Tourbillon.

And a few other ones.

Next step was to see what Glashütte Original have come up with.

A new case and size for the Pano collection.

The Senator Observer.

I guess it's better to get inside to get a closer look.

So let the presentation begin.

The new PanoReserve in gold.

The PanomaticLunar.

The PanoInverse.

The Senator observer.

The PanoGraph, my favorite this year. If they only have made it in steel so have I order one.

The Senator Perpetual Calendar

Then we have to look at the Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon that is a awesome watch. Unfortunately we wasn't allowed to take pics of it.

Then it was over for this year and we have to start the trip home.


On the way  we both says.

What a hell is this?

We getting closer.

They are wave to us.

I love it.

The guy looks really happy.

Thats all my friends.